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    How to decorate the living room? Sublimated ceramic 600×1200mm all-in-one marble tiles doubles the value of the family!

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    The living room is an important space for family life, showing the master's taste and style, and bearing a wonderful time for the family to get together. A living room under the sun reflects every silhouette of a better life and records every wonderful moment. The living room is the focus of family decoration, and a beautiful living room is enough to surprise a home ~


    Sublimation Ceramics introduces you to two popular styles of living room decoration design, which doubles the value of "facade" in your home and creates a full sense of life.

    Modern minimalist style

    Modern minimalist style is a simple decoration style, without too many complicated designs, which seems simple, but emphasizes functionality, strong color contrast, simple and smooth lines, giving people a refreshing, neat, simple, bright and fashionable inner feeling. When used in the living room, it is full of advanced sense, which makes the home no longer monotonous and boring.


    Sublimated ceramic 600×1200mm all-in-one marble tiles, with a variety of laying methods, can make the living room space flexible, enhance the visual extension effect, and feel the infinite charm of life in every square inch of space. The simple visual effect of the living room in modern minimalist style creates a fashionable and avant-garde atmosphere, which not only meets the basic needs of life, but also has a smart and refined artistic aesthetic feeling, which meets the more intelligent and humanized living experience.


    Modern minimalist style removes complicated decorations, simple lines are natural and smooth, space is laid out with lines, and a simple, fashionable, quiet and comfortable home atmosphere is created, so that you can unload your fatigue in the living room and embrace a better life.


    Color matching is an important link in modern home decoration. With black, white and gray as the keynote, high fashion, different levels of gray mixed together, flaunting nature, making every space unique. The wall and the ground set off against each other to create a simple sense of the whole space, which is matched with contrast decoration and soft clothes to form an obvious color difference with the whole space, so that the small living room can also have a high value and enjoy the slow-paced home life comfortably.


    Modern luxury style

    Luxury originates from people's pursuit of high-quality and detailed life, and then gradually evolves into a refined attitude towards life. Light luxury is not luxury, but the connotation of luxury. Abandoning the external expression of luxury, using light expression makes it connotative and unobtrusive, showing the texture and visual impact of space and creating a new modern fashion style with low-key, luxury and connotation.


    Modern luxury combines modern comfort with luxurious and exquisite style elements, which not only makes the space house look high-class but also does not look rustic. In the young people's decoration, modern luxury style has attracted much attention. In modern luxurious decoration, metal is a common design element. By adding delicate metal texture in modern generous space, the simple living room can be made more gorgeous and advanced.


    With its unique texture and high-quality temperament, metal elements have become the trend of current home design. The delicate texture metal frame is matched with the fabric sofa, and the softness of the fabric and the hardness of the metal meet, which makes the space match just right. Modern luxury comes into being in an instant. In the spacious and comfortable luxury living room, you can enjoy the romantic warmth of your family in the sun.


    Living room decoration is a science. Here, it not only shows your home taste, but also collects the daily life of the family and records the happy life. Sublimated ceramic 600×1200mm marble tiles takes nature as the keynote, and natural stone is matched with natural texture, showing the beauty of nature, making your living room simple and exquisite, and doubling its value!

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