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  • Sublimation News

    Sublimation News

    Record our transformation with time

    High-end ceramic tile first-line brand manufacturer-Guangdong Foshan Shenghua Ceramics image logo

    Franchise consulting


    Sublimated Ceramics | Love from "Porcelain" on Singles Day, and "Brick" helps to get rid of the list!

    time: hit count:493Times

    When you are still immersed in the crisp autumn,

    Early winter has quietly arrived.

    Pull up the curtain of this season change,

    Go to find the "real" love you've always dreamed of ~

    Even if the object can't beat people,

    Come to sublimate and grab good bricks!


    Last year's double 11 was no longer worthy of my shopping cart.

    So this year is a brand new double 11!

    "Fighting double 11 to let the carnival"

    Shenghua ceramic

    The double eleven national promotion activities hit hard

    If you don't play with real discounts, multiple gifts are waiting for you to grab them!


     Hanging flag



    Front and back of sheet


    Ground stickers

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