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  • 有巖有板
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    High-end ceramic tile first-line brand manufacturer-Guangdong Foshan Shenghua Ceramics image logo

    Franchise consulting



    Shenghua has a complete range of products and can process various ceramic accessories as an
    agent to meet the individual needs of large-scale engineering users and retail customers


    I speak for sublimation

    Haiyan fought against the sky due to wind and rain, reefs were indestructible due to waves, and Populus euphratica became greener due to the heat. Behind every success is the watering of sweat. Mr. Liu, a Jiangsu distributor, has been in the ceramic industry for many years and still maintains With a humble and uplifting heart, he speaks openly without losing his calm personality. A few words reveal the shrewdness and thoughtfulness of the businessman. This is the first impression given by the protagonist of this interview, Liu Feng.
    Ingenuity, use time to achieve high-quality goods; innovation, use breakthroughs to lead development, and innovation requires craftsmanship. He insists on "integrity-based"; he insists on making the service better; he is the general manager of Shenghua Nantong branch-Mr. Zhu.
    If the older generation of manufacturing entrepreneurs represents the past and present of "manufacturing", then the new generation of manufacturing entrepreneurs represents the future of "manufacturing" . He had made the traditional manufacturing industry, there are significant and fathers utterly not the same idea. In the collision and conflict, their big guts to try, bold innovation, or compromise or change change. Self- line own action to temper their own, grow step by step. He is one of the representatives- Wu Yumiao, general manager of Shenghua Jinjiang Store. "Interview with celebrities | Wu Yumiao"
    Foreword: Do one line, love one line! Love is the source of everything, because of love, so persist; because of persistence, so success, every outstanding inevitably accompanied by the love from the heart. Today, let us get to know Huang Mingzhu, the general manager of Shenyang Shenghua Store, to explore her work trajectory and share her secrets of success.
    Before the words : This is a group for ceramics industry,for marketing reform dare to play, Impartiality people. They are the backbone of sublimation ceramics;hewhois thesublimation ceramic lovely, respectable people;hewho, with practical action interpretation of the sublimation ceramic 22 years the spirit of ingenuity,he is one of the outstanding representatives -Linyi, Shandong Branch General Manager Yue Rutao.
    Fate will favor, it is because he's riding real; the opportunity will come, it is because of his strong support. His entire market has a keen hole in the police force, foot solid , the product extremely open up the market, not off to find new ideas , expand wide market share. He is the sublimation of ceramics of this period Ming Star special visit to the characters - Hunan Zhang home community store general manager Gong Liping.
    "The market in the ceramic industry is changing rapidly. Only by continuously improving our skills and looking for new opportunities, from quantity to quality, can we cope with market changes." As the saying goes, dripping water through rocks, in the ceramic market where the waves are scouring, success has always been It's not easy. In this regard, the editor of Sublimation MKT interviewed Xiao Xiaolong, general manager of Lanzhou store, and let us appreciate Mr. Xiao’s entrepreneurial style.
    Shenghua Ceramics, 22 years of ingenuity development, focusing on making bricks, has continuously won the recognition of the market and consumers. At the same time, Shenghua Ceramics also has a group of hard-working distributors. Today, together with Liu Chuande, general manager of Dalian Zhuanghe Store, we will review his growth in Shenghua. Why did Mr. Liu become a sublimation dealer in Dalian Zhuanghe? Let's listen to the story of Mr. Liu and Shenghua.
    The ceramic industry market is also changing rapidly, and the network environment is also ever-changing. Only by constantly improving your skills, opening up your thinking, gaining new kinetic energy and looking for new opportunities, from stores to service personnel, from execution to service, from quantity to quality, can you cope with market changes.
    In the graduation season of one year, no matter what major graduates, there are always some people who can't find jobs. Where is their way out? Our excellent distributor of sublimation ceramics Hefei has set a good example for everyone. Sui Zong ten years ago, after a brief confusion after his graduation, he quickly changed his thinking and entered the ceramic tile industry with the support and encouragement of his family and friends, forming an indissoluble bond with sublimated ceramics for ten years.
    All the encounters are reunion after a long separation. In a twinkling of an eye, the growth of sublimation has entered the twentieth year. Along the way, dealers and friends have joined the sublimated family and injected new vitality into it. It is a great fate to have this encounter among all the people. Sublimation ceramics and distributors cherish this relationship very much, and always help and support each other. Their experiences have become unforgettable memories for each other. Let's listen to the exclusive memory between Nanjing distributor Wang Kuaikuai and Sublimation.
    Putting a small piece of alum into chaotic water, we found that the water was quickly clarified. If everyone has a grateful heart, they can precipitate a lot of impetuousness and uneasiness, and melt away a lot of dissatisfaction and misfortune. Zhang Fubing, a sublimated ceramic from Nanning, has been settling down step by step with a consistent and grateful heart, forming his own style in the highly competitive ceramic industry, and standing on the leader's highland with the banner of sublimated ceramics. Today, let's take a look at the story behind Zhang Zong.
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